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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Why , why & why... is the sky so high?
Why, why oh! why...are men always in a quagmire?
Of course they are fools, so they will see no reason...
If common sense is uncommon, they will 'show' it, not to be satisfied with just the saying!

They will say something, but feel the other way.
What is on their minds, they dare not ever say!!
It is a crime unto their tribe, if they ever speak out their minds.
Therefore, you see, so difficult to deal with them one finds.

Why, why & why...is the sky so high?
Why, why oh! why...are men always in a quagmire?
Of course they are fools, so they will see no reason...
If you are to fall for one, it would be as cold as being put in prison!

Yet, you shall strive, and try till eternity.
Though, they will be blind, and deaf, and show total apathy.
You shall reason with them, only to be shown the door.
The only saving grace will be then, a prayer, and hope until you can hang on to it, for sure!

Even if they feel just as you do, they will never ope their lips to say so is the truth.
And if they say something, which drives you to madness, take it easy, dear woman, it is a sign of hidden fondness.
He will sneer and laugh, and cold-shoulder you.
He will ignore you, and torment, and say could-not-care-less too.

Yet, you must be patient, for that is what he wants.
A woman who is patient to his child-like tantrums.
He knows he is weak, and just fears to lay bare,
His heart, as he knows it, once broken, is beyond repair.

So, he just acts difficult, to assure himself,
Of you, and your virtues, and values, for he cares.
He knows what he wants, but he hides it from you.
For he knows not how genuine is the heart that beats within you!

So keep showing it woman, show him that you care.
Let not one moment of opportunity pass you in despair.
Hope, if you not lose, who knows, there will be a day,
When you and your man, will lay all secrets bare.

That day you shall see, how strong you are.
How meek he is and how insecure.
You were made by your Maker an epitome of strength,
To be shaken, and tested, to any length?!?

Yes, that is not fair, as you would believe.
Yes, it is not fair play, though they do as they please.
But the Maker has kept it thus, for reasons not plain,
He knows only you can take that much pain.
Yet, be there by man's side, come storm, hail or rain!

p.s.: if you find similarities, it is because we are all cut out from the same fibre... :) !