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Sunday, January 24, 2010

If you cannot convince them, confuse them...

I have quite an "urge" to write today. Write precisely what, is what I am not able to pin down...
So let me try something...I do not even know what that "something" is, for I am just typing sans thinking...it could be a game, a writing development exercise...just about anything..m random thoughts...by the minute...!
So...here we go!
I am listening to some songs...laid back, with a melancholic and mushy touch to them...and I am sipping some tea...and I have a lot of things running on my mind.
Nay, this is not writer's block. Experimentation, I would rather call it! ;)
These are the first few thoughts that come to my mind...and I shall not edit what I write now, for the next five minutes. The timer is set, three...two...one...
Songs, because they are what I am presently listening to. Some songs are purely addictive. Dil tou baccha hai jee, from Ishqiya is one such...I have kind of fallen for the rhythm, the lazy manner in which it has been sung, and ofcourse the lovely strumming.
My writing, it is lying where I left it a month ago...what is happening to it...? When am I going to get back to it..write a few pages more...perchance complete it? No, I do not know!!
In a time not so long ago, in a place not so far away was a village called "Utopia". Off all the citizens of that village nestled between hills, "Arjun", was the best soul that the village had ever had.
I have a lo to do...

PS: If you actually have read it to the end, re-read the title, please.

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