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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dreams Begin with Books: Of Book 2 and Book 3

I am extremely happy to share with you what became of the other 2 books: Book2 and Book 3.
Ref. for those of you, uninitiated: prev. post

10 rolls of chart paper under my arm, boxes of coloured crayons in my bag, and thoughts in my head, I walked today morning, my way to the local Govt. School- Higher Secondary; the class that would receive me with exuberance that defies all definition, class 7 (a & b). Read 80 children, noisy, mischievous, brimming with zest and willing to spare none with their fast ones!
The first thing that such spirited children do is, surround you, the minute you step into their class; and this lot followed the norm. Imagine 80.Now imagine 80, talkative, vociferous children.
Out came Book 2 and 3, 4, and the story telling session started. While I held 2 in my hand, they held 3 and 4.
As this was a “big” class- in more ways than one, they read it aloud too, and translated for their classmates- Hindi to English.
I told them, we are doing this for a bigger purpose. So after the story telling, they create their own stories. In groups of 8, they draw and write. They narrate theirs to the entire class.
What becomes of their work? They put up an exhibition (on May 18-11th being a holiday for them). Other classes, and their teachers see their work of art- and hear them narrate their stories.
It does not stop there, I told them. So they will tell it to their youngsters and siblings. Finally these stories make it to their school library.
And then they began- to draw, to think, to write…innocent squabbles over colours, stories, team mates…
We are all like these children, always trying to be heard; hoping we find like-minded people for many such collective works.
A glimpse of the topics (they christened their stories): “friendship”, “the greedy dog”, “the thirsty crow”, “rain”, “the lion and the mouse”, “to cheat is bad”---to name a few. Each story had a moral that they read aloud. And their narration, breathtaking...and soul stirring.

Take a look at their work here

They made their storybooks , Pratham style.
Oh one should have seen and heard them draw, create and tell their stories;
And thus, Book 2 and 3 were put to good use. They have found their way to this school’s primary section library and that of another.

Also, they have served as idea givers for such activities in the respective primary sections.
Book 4 lies with me. What will become of it, will share with you.
The big picture: Once this kicks in, the idea is to visit this school once a month, or via other volunteers, get them to create books for exhibition and /or their library for the primary section. So, they are teaching---and helping their youngsters.
A word on children: They will always mean it when they walk up to you before you be in to leave for the day, and say, “we had great fun, and you will come again, will you not?”


Brainblaze said...

"baarish se bachche khush ho jaate hain". main bhi yeh blog entry parh ke bahut khush ho gayi :) :) :)

Thisisme said...

thank you brainblaze :)

Ben Bunce said...

What a fantastic blog!

I find your ideas and work very inspiring :-)

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Dintoons said...

LOVE your blog and your writings, Vasundhara! Thanks for sharing :D
(Am wondering if we could work on some little stories/comic strips for children at some point in time... :)

Thisisme said...

Hello Ben,

Thank you for investing your time to go through my post and blog. I am glad you liked this small effort. :) . I have heard about TES and will certainly read through to explore how could we possibly collaborate. Please allow me to get back to you once I have gone through your website on detail.
I appreciate your note and your words.



Thisisme said...

Dear Dintoons,

Thank you for investing your time to go through my blog and this post. Your words of encouragement mean a lot to me.:)
I will be happy to contribute to make children happy and storytelling, cartoons are a great way. Will read up more about you.

We must keep in touch ...until then, GOD speed.