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Thursday, September 11, 2014

It's only words...

Here is a short piece I had put together for a MOOC I have enrolled for. It is called "storytelling for change".
The intent of this was to pick one area of Life, and talk of how it has shaped up over a period of time. The best part was, it was open-ended and therefore, invited various interpretations. This is one of mine:

Words are my calling…ever since childhood they have drawn me.
There I was, an exuberant child learning to speak her first word; soon a standard one student who hung on to every word the class teacher said; several years after, the young girl who would pick up at least two new words per day…and always a child at heart, amazed at the stories that would reveal themselves unto me…be it through my family, friends, strangers, or other things, also people, more silent.
This quest for words, paved way for the insatiable thirst for writing and reading. It did set me on this irreversible and never-ending path of stories, big and small. Writing to me, was cathartic. It helped me connect, with myself, and the world around me. All this kept adding up.
Over the years that I have lived, words have stirred me, in ways both good and bad. Words have played havoc in my head; they have offered Hope, both false, and true; they have kept me going, and made me pursue, a lifetime of experiences. And they still are…by way of collaboration for storytelling…opportunities to contribute to our lesser-fortunate brethren…even self-discoveries, including my journeys within, and without…
Stories are one the many ingredients of our lives. We experience the magic of words, stories, and storytelling, in ways big and small.
I too do, and try to draw from them to shape other walks of my life.
Through this life map (in the form of a mind map), I attempt to capture, the whys and the wherefores of my never-ending and indefatigable love of, as well as, for, words.
Planning to share some such outcomes of this MOOC, esp. post the course, here, on my blog. Welcome your thoughts.

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