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Friday, August 28, 2009

It has been a year...unbelievable!

A year it has been indeed...a year since I cared to visit my own blog ... a year since I cared to see what people (if at all) have said about posts...a year since I noticed what changes "blogspot" has to offer!
Change ... an eternal constant, don't they say? Okay!!! [I feel like a stranger in a space I am supposed to call my own! My mind refuses its office, for I am bereft of all words :D]
So. Reining in my racing mind, and collecting my ninny thoughts about myself, "change" is in the air.
I have changed my city, changed two houses ever since I moved ino the new city, changed my mind about how things are/ought to be, changed my self (read adapt) to be more comfortable in my present location, changed my mode of transportation, changed my convicions (or did I??), and changed the way the world sees me ( aye aye ...mootable it remains! :) ). Change is inevitable. Change is everywhere. However, confronting change requires maturity. Embracing it, courage. This quote has been my constant favourite. So each time circumstances weigh me down, each time I am reminded by Providence that it is for Him to dispose, no matter how much I propose, this noble thought helps me brace my self up.
That is about it...much more to come... :).

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esha said...

I must say that the most frightening part is accepting the change as rightly put in the "quote" ....... Because with whatever strength we might like to impede a change, which is in most cases decided by the Almighty, the truth is we cant... So we are left with no choice but to accept it... Happy are those who welcome the new phase with open hearts.... But it takes courage to do so.... Atleast I found myself requiring it a lot while meeting a change.... Apprehension still resides deep in mind....