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Monday, April 21, 2008

I am romantically challenged!!!

Mentally challenegd ... physically challenged ...Romantically challenged was unheard of before ... until ofcoure i saw a dame sporting a tee reading thus!!!It took me a good couple of seconds before the meaning hit my thick skinned brain in entirety. :)... and lo! this spurred my otherwise idle mind into incessant activity for the next few days ...What does it feel like to be romantically challenged? ... who is romantically challenged ? ? ... why romantically challenged ??? ... and am i romantically challenged?!? Phew!!!

Weird slogans ... weirder race for proclaiming your mind ( read funny slogans) unto the world! :)

Sample more ... " Garhwal Express" ... "Dad says no slogans"--- came up in a conversation with my brudder ... and here is one that takes the shine off them all!!! ... "Guns and Girls only for Jatt Boys" ... read o n a car in Ggn!!!!!! :P Darn! If i may say so ...

"Heyyyyy" , i hear my mind scream at me, ... "what a way this all is to make a statement. What a way to express yourself ... and what a riot of words"!!! The world is but a canvas to the imagination!

This takes me back to an erstwhile class i had. Strange are the ways of the world. Indeed. Shops ... restaurants ... cafes ... salons ... et al! Nice names they have ... and a never before appaeal to their punchlines ... One that is very in your face ... and hits you right there where it ought to. Dead on!

Why then should one ever rubbish those witty one liners as outright silly?!?

For in the words of Edwin Land, "Creativity is the sudden cessation of stupidity" !!!!!!!!

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Rajesh said...

You seem to have a nice sense of humour and a passion for literature.
Your posts make intersting reading. Keep it up.