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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Make-Believe v/s Life

Fresh with vivid images from the last movie I saw, I wonder whether movies are just make-believe? Something that transports you to an entirely different world/imaginary land where you get all that you want... or are all movies a representation of the world you are a part of, or for that matter, the world, as-you-see-it?
Thoroughly confused that I am, for me it is more the state or frame of mind I am in when I am watching one. By the by, ain't it true that, this very thing is what "perception" is all about? Pre- formed notions, thoughts, thinking patterns, experiences...Yes! Why else would some cringe, yet others celebrate, when the protagonists are in the grip of a romantic fit? Dancing and prancing all about the place...doing things like going down on your knees at some one else's wedding to propose to the bride...and much more than this!!!
Does all of this really happen in real life? Is there something like this or someone who actually does any of this? Beats me...though the world would be an entirely different place if it were so!!
Why are we raised on books, movies, stories that force us to live in a make believe sugary world, if we will one day get a K.O. punch from Life? Right into our faces?? Why is everything so nice and sweet there? Is it because all of us try and imagine the kind of state or world or life, we would like? Or is it more a case of "wishful thinking"? How does this affect the mental makeup of generations raised on such "oh-life-is-so-sweet-and-it-all-gets-better-in-the-end" cushions? When, ultimately, the reality dawns upon you, all of this, more often than not, results in an angst...Huh? You experience what could be termed as "mental juxtaposition".
You are in its throes, and those sweet and too hopeful movies and books are not taking you anywhere!
Yet, Hope, they say springs eternal in the human breast. Aye! So it is Hope that helps you get up, pick the loose ends, tie them all up, bury the remnants of your painful experiences, times, past, life; and see yet another dream. Yes, if it was not for Hope, the hearts would break.

PS: As the book says, beyond every cloud, there are a thousand suns...or even if this is not it, verbatim, the essence is, tomorrow IS another day!
PS' : Easy said than done!

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esha said...

As the saying goes " once you choose hope, anything is possible" . And so it is only if logic and social customs werent blocking our way, then all of us would have witnessed many movie sequences acted out in fornt of us in real life as well....
But still then fantasy world would have had its own charm.