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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Watch Out---They are speaking unto you!

It is well said, that this Universe sends out signals to you for everything that happens or is about to happen. When you are to set on a journey or even a run (be it a marathon or a short sprint) you get signals. Whether you choose to receive them is entirely your prerogative...or even Destiny is what I would like to believe! Nay, I am not one of those who sit hoping against hope and doing nothing; I do not even keep blaming and framing destiny/fate all along. However, I am a staunch believer in Destiny and Fate. Of course, we must put in the best we can and keep at it...yet, there comes a point, when all we can do must cease, and we must sit back and watch D and F play their part. Who pulls the strings? The Almighty, of course!!

I have learnt (learnt or rather assimilated/inferred from Life) about it everywhere- books, stories, anecdotes, past experiences of people, and in many more ways than these. I might have ( on second thoughts, have!) been through such experiences myself, when I had a foreboding/intuition/gut feeling/happy premonition (if I may call it thus) and more to that effect.

Here is one such "experience" I wish to share with you...
Not to sound vain or naive for that matter (for different reasons, albeit), I must confess that ever since my childhood and through my early youth, I have been spoken of owing to my writing skills ( ;) Aye!) and a penchant for language/literature. As a child I would read extensively, pick up new words and use them at every possible instance, so much so, that my teacher would advise me to "take it easy" and "use a few new words each day, yet, sparingly, and only when they suit the context". I took heed, though at times I would indulge!! :)
Time flew by and I learnt how to use them wisely (or so I would like to believe...not that the usual indicators revealed otherwise...), so I marched on!
College saw me drawn towards literary activities just as school did. Post graduation saw me a tad tamed, however, not without people around me taking note of my writing abilities and proficiency in language (if I may say so). My soft skills professor ensured to praise my skills, and did not forget to caution me to "keep writing, even if it means a para a day", for this skill like all others, and like a weapon dulls with lack of utilization (read practice).

Ah! Let me not give the notion that I talk of English here. Hindi too had me in its throes. Be it literary pursuits or writing. However, with time, as Hindi started to play the proverbial second fiddle for the medium of instruction became primarily English, I will not blame you to understand that what I tell you now shall be more in context of the latter.

Professional life saw me try and get most of this passion for literature and language to the fore as and when possible. A few took note. My friend from college has always been kind to me for she keeps motivating me to write something- a story, a novel, an essay, my thoughts, anything- for she believes I will do fair justice to it. Oft' we have discussed the possibilities. Each time she says I can do it, I blush and smile, and keep smiling, until she does not stop praising me...and says, "to cloud none and back miss!" :D

I wrote in the interim. A few short stories, a few passages, paragraphs, essays, articles on random topics, a few lines (each time I felt the pangs of passion/ the frolic of mirth/ the gloom of death)...all this while, waiting and hoping for the day I would set my thoughts to pen down a few consistent pages that made sense, or even no sense.

One day I started this blog...and a year later, one more friend suggested, that I must write. She went on to praise me and how did I revel in it, I cannot describe! We were separated by quite a few miles, yet, I am sure she was receptive enough to feel how I gushed at such praise! :)

Then, one day, my sister sent me something that required me to write a novel in a month's time-religiously, I worked at it. This was a perfect opportunity I could ask for. I sat and penned down words furiously. Sometimes with a story line and at times without one/ The objective is to write, keep writing in fact, the website read. Write I did. Endlessly. Whether or not the story is complete is another matter altogether. Whether this narration is effective or interesting is not much of a bother. What matters to me is that if any one you reading this has been through this, or is going through this, you have an ambition, a dream, a thought- watch out, prepare, sharpen your tools (skills), and look for such signals. When your time for the big action will arrive, you will surely know in more ways than one!

Keep the faith!!

PS: While my college friend (Perseverance/Motivation) has been a constant support and reminder to whet my writing skills, the professor ( Faith/Caution) showed me the way with his words. The other friend (Reaffirmation/Trust) who suggested I write well and must write something consequential, reaffirmed my faith in myself, and my sister (Catalyst/Harbinger of opportunity) was the one who catalysed it all (of course, she too had faith in my abilities, for why else would she share the bit of information with me otherwise?).


esha said...

all of us are blessed with certain skills.... and surprisingly each of us are very much aware of those special abilities.... i am very happy that you have started writting.... i for one do religiouly read ur posts and have appreciated u on many occassions...

Thisisme said...

@esha: i hope uno ur one of the frnds :) who r mentioned herein :)
thanks lady!