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Saturday, March 30, 2013

It is all about Stories

Stories. That is what it all boils down to.
You may or may not share yours...you may or may not listen to that of others. You may write yours, sing it; compose or hide yours. Yet, Life is all about stories.

Oft, you will have heard people around you say, "so, what is your story". Well, there always is a story; and there is a script. And you may choose/desire to pick it up, listen to it...believe, or neglect it. 

No, there is a thin line of difference between looking for a story and prying into someone's Life. It is an art...and it is subtle.

I try to look for stories...and I see they find ways to reveal themselves unto me...or to the seeker. This thirst for stories (to listen and tell...to understand) takes me to several places...and to varied art forms. Dramatics/Theatre being one such.
So I went to a play today...and it was quite an experience. 


Because of the story it told-the way the players enacted each character etched so well by the author/playwright/director. Also, due to the sheer emotion that floated through the auditorium. 
Every word delivered, was packed with punch...every move, an artful one. Every scene practised to perfection. There's something about drama.

What also caught my eye was the way the audience *trrring*  receives *crack-of-a-chip* such forms *SMS* of art- a dance drama, *yes we will eat at home-puts down the phone* a play-skit-narrative-a ballad- --- the ones that require patience... you get the drift?

Does it vary with a city? Possible, I'd say. It has more to do with sensitivities, I believe. Nay, it does not mean art is only for a "select" audience. To me, it is about you respecting what you choose. How willing are you to pay attention...to listen...to connect with something or someone (players, here).

Should you choose to, you will receive a lot many stories. You will see a part of you reflected in some of them...while in several others, you will find answers (or near) to your questions....or you may begin to appreciate the other, a tad more. Such is the power of a story, well told, well received. 

A word on resonance: What ever remains of the book definition, the frequencies have to match and the result is resonance. Similarly, the artist who performs, does so on a plane. His/her audience attempts (often) to get to the same plane. In fact, vice versa! An artist who is wanting in connection with his/her audience, experiences half the joy of performing. When both are on the same plane, they connect...and how!
One preempts the words, and thoughts of the other. This happens in conversations too...or lectures (school/college/workshops) where you are so " in -synch" with the coach, that you preempt the flow of the topic and your coach , your questions/thoughts.

Back to stories and people (it is them who it is all about)...to connect and truly so, is a Joy in itself. Difficult to put into words. Perchance, best described in my favourite lines (oft quoted in this Blog) " where there is no love, where listeners are dumb, there never can be a song" ~a broken song,  r.n. tagore

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