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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Life's a Poem: 6,5,4,3,2,1

I chanced upon an interesting challenge on Twitter today, A Poem a Day. One word or phrase, open to your interpretation. (Guidelines for the interested.)
A poem to write. Interesting. More so, owing to that open nature.
I will post what I write, once every six days. Please let me know what you think, should you choose to. Here goes, for the past six: 6,5,4,3,2,1 (April 2013):

April 1

A new arrival

A story

Lo and behold, tis out of its fold
The untold story, the details flowery
Has everyone enthralled, no children bawled
All are listening, hearing and feeling
Their eyes are moist, and their lips in smiles fold
At times they detest the humour so cold
They cry out in Joy for the Hero’s winning blow
Their hearts flutter and dip, at the story’s tenor
They welcome this chance and in Fear they clamour
In Happiness they hold hands, ride imaginary horses with valour
With sketches etched bright in their hearts and their mind,
They revel in this moment, t’was a story telling of a kind

April 2

Two-for-Tuesday: write a bright poem; write a dark poem

(i choose bright)

A song of Faith

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow…for ages together known to Man
This is what works, and still does; this is what keeps one strong
The hallmark of a character prudent, the sign of a Life brave
Oh Faith, oft beaten, and marauded, yet holding fort as a stave
Your Journey it defines, the road you tread,
And the impressions you carve

April 3

A tentative poem (tentative: cautious, hesitant, unsure)

speak up

There, they danced upon the tip of the child’s tongue
In his eyes, his manner and his countenance;
He hopped and hoped, and ran to his Father
Unsure, reserved, should he say it, or rather,
Go unnoticed before his other siblings,
And continue to bear the brunt of their wrong doings;
In circles he ran, unsure of his stance
The Father looked at his son, askance
In circles he ran, flailing his tiny arms
That mouth he opened but for a tad bit,
His Father said, “Ho son, what the matter is?”
He uttered a wild tune and flashed his smile,
His Father knew his son chose to beguile
And they still dance upon the tip of his tongue,
Those words unsaid, that deed undone

April 4

Hold that Hope

With every nay it wilts a cinch
With every aye, it leaps sky high
It oscillates from high to low, with every smile, frown or tilt of brow;
Potent, weak, and mad it is,
Flickers one moment, then nearly ceases to exist;
Hold it high, and hold it strong
It will keep you going for long
It will throw in temporary bouts of doubt
That is when you will hear yourself shout
Fret not, and don’t let it go
Don’t throw it, out of that window yet
For a little good may come of it- a little bit like placing your bet

April 5


The Sun, and Shine
The Rain, and Wine
People, Effort, Experiences, with Life, entwine;
Critics, Followers, Friends, and Foes
Leave impressions, Time still flows;
Pick what you want, leave what you don’t
Memories may haunt you, or leave you, know you don’t,
Your choices, words, actions, won’t;
But you have The Sun, and you have your Shine
There also is Rain and Wine;
With them around, and some more to it, Life’s a Journey,
Why whine?

April 6


Oft he looked out, far and wide
Through his lens, through the enemy’s snide side
He ne’er gave way, his courage did not sway
Till the last man standing, did not cross the fated gateway

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