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Sunday, April 20, 2008

cogito ergo!

Now that i have had sufficient proof that i exist ... and that i have a psuedo perfect head upon my body ... i (with great gumption and gusto) commence my "blogourney" !!!
Yes, i am an amateur ... but Time is but a number/figure ... and ergo, can always be tackled!
Behold!!! ... will ye? ... how this green blogger blossoms into a veteran of sorts! :)
And it goes without saying, that "you" ( every blogger on the house) will be the harbinger of this sublimal change!!!
Here's to the eternal spirit of "the Blogger" ... to an amateur ( seeking to transform into a veteran) ... and to Blogspot!


PS: Your comments/complements will be taken in the right spirit indeed!

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Sandy said...

Congrat's for starting your "blogourney".
Wish you all the best.
Thanks for giving me a place where I can definitely improve my vocab...
It feels good to read your blog with such a good vocab n phrases. I'll save a lot of reading.