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Monday, April 21, 2008

i suffer from verbal diarrhoea ;)

Aye! I talk a lot. Eversince i realised what it was to talk... never has there been a day that my tongue has refused its office! :)
My tongue always going, spirits always at high water mark ( this i lift, with due apologies, from the ever revered "Wuthering Heights"! ) ... i have had people christen me "chatterbox" / "joshtype" etal!!!
Oft i pause to think, that i must rein in this side of me. Wherever i have go, i have connected with people ... irrespective of age, gender, strata, etc. Not even two minutes have i taken to start up a conversation ...
Yet, i have, from time to time, sat back to deliberate... " do not people always say that while it is important to be a good conversationalist, it is imperative to be a good listener ?"
That is another matter altogether that i have recently come across a splendid quote ( more of a sarcastic remark...ergo well loved by me ;) )... and here it goes "A good listener is necessarily thinking about something else!!!"
So the fires of "incessant banter" within have yet again been stoked ... and so shall they stay until the day i die!!! :)
I feel that there is so much to share ... so much to talk about ... that i'd rather talk on! It is a joy to see people who you would otherwise never have imagined could utter more than a word, speak with zeal ... just because i started with my silly banter ... in the process, putting them at ease! :) ( yes, have been waxing rather eloquent about myself, but i am a self made "banter queen" and absolutely adore my creator!") ...
... and as i pen this post, another quote crosses my mind and it says " Whatever you do, do not congratulate yourself too much. You are not that good!"
This world is full of brilliant paradoxes! What to my mind is a virtue, to others will be a vice.
Yet, i'd rather swear allegiance to myself and stay the way i am ...

PS: Just to remind you, i don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it!
By now, i am smiling; and this should scare you!!!


apoorv said...

hmm..have to say a lotta preparation has gone into bein insane...i knew she could talk but whoa!!! u got me!!!....

esha said...

Chuck the people dost....... I am all ears!!!!! and quote might say otherwise but you are an amazing listener too.......