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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What Am I Made Of?

Books maketh a man...yes, they play a pivotal role in my life as well. They have given me the much sought after fodder for thought. They have introduced me to the facets of life I would otherwise would not have known. How to believe in myself, to dream, to take heed from the lessons of life, to love, to falter and brace up, to live, and to forgive!
They taught me all, or rather, gave me points to ponder over. It is not only books though I must confess. There is more to me.
Travel, education, personal pursuits, dramatics, indulgences, likes, dislikes, and people I came across have all shaped my persona and chiselled or attempted to dent it at varied points in time.
I now will talk about it all-one by one; for each merits a detailed description, and ergo, a dive into my past, the recent past, the present, and at times, into the future (yes, day dreams and aspirations!)

Education: My humble beginnings and bearings. An essential cornerstone of my upbringing. Or shall I say, one of the many cornerstones!
Schooled in a convent, I have, since my early childhood, chewed on bits of wisdom and literature, works of Shakespeare and the other greats, lots of conscientious points, moments of truth, points to ponder over and an insatiable quest for knowledge or wisdom would be more like it. These and more have stoked the fires within and have ensured that I keep at it!
School meant more things than one. It was new things, novel concepts, different points of view, new people, brilliant and not so brilliant opportunities, and lots of fun. Sheer, harmless fun.
It brought responsibilities along, also, laughter, silly banter, events, happenings, learning, pain, joy, tears, jealousy, triumph, vanity, humility, sacrifice, selflessness and pride, all parcelled in one.
Umpteen chances to try new things, hone other skills, shine at yet others, all helped develop me into what I am. Of course with follies, for no man is perfect!
At a later stage it was more of career focus, the higher truths of life, my goal, aim, aspirations, and fitment in the higher plans that life has for me?!?
Then came the time to bid farewell to school-the old pals, the teachers, the classrooms, the ever so sweet domestic staff, the playground, the wonderful, mirthful times, and to everything that symbolised unspoilt joy. Yet, the lessons learnt in the sunny days of youth stuck on. “They show!” , say many who I come across. A silent self congratulatory pat each of such instances deserves, and so it gets!
Next was college. More responsibilities, more profound thought to be put into everything I did and a well thought out career plan is all it brought along and demanded.
Year after year, it built upon blocks of integrity, conscientiousness and courage, to nurture and enhance me.
Further education meant more of facing the big bad world. It was more like being jolted to senses straight out of deep slumber. A rude shock of sorts.
Adjust. Adjust. Yes, adjust. Yet, this had under its wings-clear perspectives, some true friends, and the person that I am now.
Learning: Strive! Strike!! Yet, never Yield!!! [Thanks to Alfred Lord Tennyson, “Ulysees”, something I read in school.]

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