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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Life's A Poem-18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13

April 13

A comparison poem. The poem could compare one person with another, or it could compare one thing against itself. Or it could take a comparable direction.

Fear versus Hope

One cripples, other tickles,
Your Life, and Dreams.
One hushes, the other pushes,
Your Voice, and You.
One bickers, while other flickers,
Your View, and Stance.

April 14

A sonnet. For those who are not familiar with the sonnet, it’s a 14-line poem that rhymes.

If you were me

If you were me, then you would see,
It is not easy, to display that glee.
To hold forth, on what the world shuns,
To trudge on, to stick to ones guns.
If you were me, then you would find,
It comes not easy, to be good to the unkind.
To smile in sorrow, not scream in pain,
To be more patient, nothing’s in vain.

And you will see, beneath that face,
Hides a soul that seeks solace.
And eyes that best can con you, yes,
To believe all is good, when the soul’s in distress.
And a smile, that cheats you to agree,
Here’s a jester, a gabber, who is so carefree.

April 15

An infested poem. There are many different infestations–from physical infestations to infestations of the heart and soul.

The Breaking Free of a Fear-Infested Soul
Chained to it, he crawled in pain,
Chained he was, did courage feign.
His words did often him betray,
He let them hold their sway,
For all that while, but now he knew,
That Fear infested souls do too,
Need to break the chain of pain.
And so he thought, so did practise,
With every day, with more chastise,
He dared the Fear away.
Then back it sprung, from depths so rare,
They yanked him back, and did him scare.
Then one fine day, he did resolve,
To let not that Dark Beast evolve.
With every might, he fought his plight,
And to his utter delight,
That fiend began to bite the dust,
And he began to gain in Trust.
With every passing day, it fled,
An inch first, and then a cinch it led,
To his victory over that ungainly beast,
That fled and was now begone,
To leave him woe-free, those chains undone.

April 16

Two-for-Tuesday prompt. Here are your options:
·         Write a possible poem.
·         Write an impossible poem.

An impossible Poem

Through day, and night,
Through joy and plight.
On anything plain, and topics mundane,
And on those complex.
Both deep and meaningless, in the same breath,
Gibber, gabber, talk, and blabber,
Connect, jest, stoke and ponder,
That song this, and topic yonder.
It knows not to remain still for long,
So it labours nonstop, oh yes, it does, that Tongue.

April 17

An express poem. This might be about an express train or express delivery. It might have something to do with expression painting.
Eyes, Smile, tears, and Cheers
Words, Silence, Praise, and jeers
anger, Love, Strengths, and fears
They are yours to put forth, for now, and years

April 18

Take the phrase “I Am (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write your poem. Possible titles might include: “I Am Superman,” “I Am Wonder Woman,” “I Am Out of Nickels,” “I Am Running Low on Patience,” and so on.

I Am a Dreamer

Watch your words, and watch your steps
Hold that spite!
Shove that nay out of sight.
I thrive on you, your words and actions.
I feast on promises, on tomorrow, on Hope.
A strong Faith, can, a mountain move,
A potent Will, will all barriers remove

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