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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Life's A Poem: 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30

Lot Five, people...
2 more to go for the challenge (will post them to this one later), and then I have to pick the five I will table for the challenge. If you are reading, you may want to vote.

April 25

“Everyone (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write your poem. Possible titles could include: “Everyone Thinks I’m Crazy,” “Everyone Knows the World Is Round,” “Everyone Needs to Leave Me Alone,” or whatever it is that everyone is doing (or not doing).
Everyone needs a good laugh
Of chuckles, and giggles
And mischief that wriggles,
Its way out of sober facades;

Of peals, and guffaws,
That know, no pause,
Are Life’s countless Joys, and its rhythms.
May start with a fake, a moment it takes,
To catch on, and spread like Fire wild.

And that rancour runs out,
To see laughter sprout,
Dare not it come near, Life’s mirthful child.

April 26

A casting poem. Casting can take on several meanings, including casting a spell, casting a line (such as in fishing), casting the actors in a play, and I suppose even the act of creating a cast.
Casting a Die
When He casted you, you were hollowed,
And sent.
Upon the Earth, you travel on rent.
Your cast was trashed, you are unique,
So give up pretences, stop being oblique.

That hollow, you will, fill in with your choices back here,
You pick up what you want, or are given, for fear.

It’s never too late, to start walking tall,
There is oft’ one window, to reverse it all.

Kick the non-positive out from your hollow,
Nothing, more than a fickle will, is shallow.

Impressions you choose, will, your journey here, last,
Never give up, for someone thinks your die has been cast.

April 27

A mechanical poem. Either you’re mechanically-inclined, or you’re like me and hit things to make them work after they break (which, by the way, rarely works).

Mechanically Yours
Well, it is,
As you may see,
Without you, I will go free.
It is with you, that they tied me here,
It is with you, and its Fate’s decree;

I see, said his lady love,
And cannot without you pull or shove.
I need you to hold me tight, so that I can slip alright,
I want you, just as you want me O,
Without you, I am lifeless, a line.

“It is when you wind yourself,
Along my rim, I appreciate more of myself.
Together, we balance it so well,
Should we miss, it dispels.

And so said the pulley to the rope,
“Oh Dear, I am forever, mechanically, yours”.

April 28

Write a shadorma. For those new to the shadorma, it’s a fun little 6-line poem that follows this syllable count: 3/5/3/3/7/5.

And he says
Even if he dreads
He does say
For she may
Agree with his words now so he
Tells his mother so

April 29

You call me complex, when I uncomplicate

Simple, as simple can be
She untangled their misery
But when it came to her
They failed to be astir
And so they said, she is complex
That she had no reflex
Yet what they failed to see
Is their own apathy
To someone so simple,
As simple can be

April 30

Two for Tuesday
·         Write a finished poem.
·         Write a never finished poem.

A Never Finished Poem

Every morn you pick a line,
And leave a page to read,
For every day, Life holds, a new possibility,
A story or song,
That goes on so long,
Until you your enthusiasm last
It is called Life’s evergreen side,
Hope for some, and keeps you going,
From day to day, and yet another morn,
When you pick a line, to leave a page

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