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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Life's A Poem: 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24

Here's lot 4 of the "a poem a day challenge". Have taken the creative liberty to attempt different shades.
Let me know what you think...

April 19

A burn poem. I actually wrote a poem titled “burn” earlier in this month’s challenge, so I’m going to have to think a little on this to avoid repeating what I’ve already written. However, burn can represent many things–from getting burned by a bad deal (or a friend) to feeling the burn when working out to physically burning from fires.

The Burnt Breakfast

On the stove, the pan was put,
The Fire kindling, jolly good.
In went a dollop of butter lo,
Not caramel, so the flame was low.
Aside she stood, beating two eggs,
With some milk in it, and pepper-salt to taste.
Beaten to a fluff, the batter went in,
Swish it let out, promising a crust not so thin!
The Fire still low, was burning bright,
The omelette cooked and hissed, to her delight.
She turned to the other flame instead,
On it rested two slices of bread.
And a fan of multitasking she,
Forgot the two flames in a glee,
Whilst she ran to switch the radio on,
The low flames kept burning on.
And while she tuned her station in,
She flipped through the morning paper too.
All this while she a picture quaint,
And the toast blackened, the omelette seared.
And when the smell of burnt food wafted across the room,
She ran to the stove, to watch them charred, and saw them to their doom!

April 20

Write a beyond poem. The poem could be beyond human comprehension. It could be from the great beyond. It could be from beyond–another city, country, planet, solar system, dimension, etc. Don’t be afraid to go above and beyond with it.

His Master’s Love- Beyond Common Belief

Will wag its tail, to see you home
Will follow you, despite the chide
All for one acknowledgement, for love.

He will wait for you to pet his coat
And will pounce on him who dares you so
He unconditionally loves you, and is always,
Believed to love you just for food

But He writhes at this misgiving, yes
Tis not food O! Master, tis never food
You feed my canine soul with love, And I
Reciprocate it, in double measure.

For your gentle fondness of my yelp,
My run to you when you ope that gate,
My mischief and every play-fetch date,
Your words to me, that you think I don’t get,
O Master, I do, every bit.
And that is what keeps me going,
All your words, and all your biddings,
Are for me, my reason to be,

And  that, my Master, is what I truly treasure.

April 21

Write a senryu. A senryu is like a haiku with less restrictions and different subject matter. It’s a 3-line poem with a traditional 5/7/5 syllable (or sound) pattern, and the poem typically deals with the human condition. But that’s about all. No cutting words, seasonal words, or focus on nature. In fact, many people who claim to write haiku are already writing senryu.

it rings and he checks
her number just wrecks
his sanity


April 22

A complex poem. Complex is a complex word that can refer to mental state, apartments, difficulty of a situation, and so many other complex situations.

And the world thinks I am a complex number

A+Bi is as simple as I can be
You say there are two sides to me
One real and the other imaginary
I help you solve some mysteries though
Of science, math, engineering and lo
You call me complex, when I uncomplicate
And help you understand the intricate!

April 23

Today is a Two-for-Tuesday prompt. In fact, this is one I include with every challenge. Here are your options:
·         Write a love poem.
·         Write an anti-love poem.

Anti Love (of laziness)

Arise, Awake, the Sun’s shining bright
With all its might, it pleads, be a sprite
For the world, and for your sake too
Don’t give in to lethargy, oh no, that is not what you are meant to do!
So stand up, and run, and listen and talk,
Ride you o! the waves, till you flock  
With like-minded souls, who know not laziness
With open hearts, who aim to spread happiness

April 24

An auto poem. Auto could mean automobile, automatic, automaton, or any number of possibilities.

Life in Auto Pilot

The music plays, and Nature whirrs,
What does your soul stir?
What stories, dreams and aims concoct,
Some ideas that your head and heart begot.
Few words uttered, those deeds done,
Some have a recourse, yet some undone.
It is not a bad thing, though,
To throw your worries, out of your window,
And watch yourself sail through it,
That’s Life, in auto pilot

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